So. At last, I found the time (and will) to actually configure everything needed to run my own little message-board.
After much consideration, I have decided to use ghost, a very simple and intuitive blog system that was kickstarted (really - 2 years ago. Now I have to get better at using Markdown :-)

I will be writing about my personal (side-) projects and things I learn. I will probably write quite a lot about BabylonJS, the 3D framework that I am proud to be a part of its contributors (together with other 44 brave souls). I will try to keep this blog updated (my promise to myself, at least twice a week. Let's see how long it will take me to disappoint myself).

Searching a template for ghost (I am not that keen on using default templates, even when they are actually not that bad), I found Ghostium, a pretty neat template with correct syntaxt highlighting and some other nice features. I am actually using stevelacey's fork. Reason is this.
This template is using PJAX, a forgotten method of creating async page loading using ajax and pushState. I was experimenting with it a few years ago, it's nice to see it is still being developed and used.

This blog is hosted on Uberspace, which I can only recommend as a host. If you are a German speaker :-)

The things I write are my opinion only (well, unless I quote someone else, of course). I guess I will make mistakes and I will appreciate corrections.


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I'm an IT consultant, full stack developer, husband, and father. On my spare time I am contributing to Babylon.js WebGL game engine and other open source projects.

Berlin, Germany